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Cops2k - Incident Reporting for Police Departments

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The easy to use Incident Reporting System
One continuous data entry flow.  Start with an incident, follow through to citations, criminal complaints, arrest reports, reportable accidents. Key data once and it appears on every related report/form.  No need to reenter information that has already been keyed.  The program remembers all information about individuals and automatically fills-in that information on future reports.  The more you re-use data, the less work your officers do.
Searching the database is a cinch!
   Almost instant response on generic searches:  find related reports by location of the incident, by date range, by type of crime, by person, by address, and by many other generic criteria.  The system will respond with every incident, citation, parking ticket, accident, or supplemental report that fulfills the entered search data.

And now, EZ Find is even faster!!

   The new EZ Find feature lets you enter a name and instantly see every contact you've had with that person, and then display each original report, citation, etc. 
   It's fast.  It's complete.  AND It's EZ!

Incident Training Video For Cops2k Users

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